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Celtaxsys commences CTX-4430 Phase 1 research to treat pulmonary inflammation Celtaxsys.

Celtaxsys commences CTX-4430 Phase 1 research to treat pulmonary inflammation Celtaxsys, Inc viagra ., an exclusive biopharmaceutical company developing a new course of drugs to treat chronic inflammatory disorders, announced the initiation of a first-in-human Stage 1 clinical study of CTX-4430 today, which blocks the pro-inflammatory enzyme Leukotriene A4 Hydrolase . Related StoriesWhy do we rest? ‘CTX-4430 is a first-in-class, once-daily oral treatment with thrilling potential to ease inflammation connected with cystic fibrosis and additional pulmonary conditions.’ The Phase 1 scientific trial CTX-4430-HV-001 is definitely a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, repeat and ascending dose research targeted at evaluating the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of CTX-4430 oral capsules.


Targeted Genetics has not reviewed the data acquired by Celladon in its Phase II medical trial. Please make reference to the press release issued by Celladon as noticed at for more information regarding the advancement of MYDICAR and Celladon’s MYDICAR clinical trial results. ‘We anticipate disclosure of the full data from Celladon’s clinical trial in the centre Failure Congress 2010 on May 30, 2010, and to the programs for future development of MYDICAR,’ said Susan Robinson, CEO and President of Targeted Genetics. Ms. Robinson continued, ‘If the product applicant MYDICAR proceed effectively through development and onto commercialization, it might provide a much needed advancement for the treating patients with heart failure, a significant medical validation for the field of gene therapy, and a revenue stream for Targeted Genetics.’..